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markup-validator commit: Regenerated.

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Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 21:37:14 +0000
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To: markup-validator updates <www-validator-cvs@w3.org>
changeset:   3276:db8f9544efdd
user:        Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>
date:        Wed Dec 21 23:36:20 2011 +0200
files:       htdocs/docs/errors.html

diff -r e2456a3a16f0 -r db8f9544efdd htdocs/docs/errors.html
--- a/htdocs/docs/errors.html	Mon Dec 12 22:55:32 2011 +0200
+++ b/htdocs/docs/errors.html	Wed Dec 21 23:36:20 2011 +0200
@@ -650,12 +650,20 @@
         <dt id="ve-247">247: NET-enabling start-tag requires SHORTTAG YES</dt>
         <dd><div class="ve mid-247">
-      The sequence &lt;FOO /&gt; can be interpreted in at least two different
-      ways, depending on the DOCTYPE of the document. For example for HTML 4.01
-      and earlier, the '/' terminates the tag &lt;FOO (with an implied '&gt;').
-      However, since many browsers don't interpret it this way, even in the
-      presence of a "strict" DOCTYPE, it is best to avoid it completely in pure
-      HTML documents and reserve its use solely for those written in XHTML.
+      For the current document, the validator interprets strings like
+      <code class="inline">&lt;FOO /&gt;</code> according to legacy rules that
+      break the expectations of most authors and thus cause confusing warnings
+      and error messages from the validator. This interpretation is triggered
+      by HTML 4 documents or other SGML-based HTML documents. To avoid the
+      messages, simply remove the "/" character in such contexts. NB: If you
+      expect <code class="inline">&lt;FOO /&gt;</code> to be interpreted as an
+      XML-compatible "self-closing" tag, then you need to use XHTML or HTML5.
+    </p>
+    <p>
+      This warning and related errors may also be caused by an unquoted
+      attribute value containing one or more "/". Example:
+      <code class="inline">&lt;a href=http://w3c.org&gt;W3C&lt;/a&gt;</code>.
+      In such cases, the solution is to put quotation marks around the value.
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