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Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 16:26:47 +0000
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installation instructions

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--- checklink.html	1 Jan 2009 22:50:43 -0000	1.47
+++ checklink.html	2 Feb 2009 16:26:45 -0000	1.48
@@ -120,8 +120,15 @@
       <a href="http://www.cpan.org/">CPAN</a> distribution, and depends on
       a few other modules which are also available from CPAN.
+    <h3 id="install-CPAN">Install with the CPAN Utility</h3>
+    <p>If you system has a working installation of perl, you should be able to install the link checker with a single line from the commandline shell:</p>
+    <p><kbd>sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install W3C::LinkChecker</kbd> (use without the <kbd>sudo</kbd> command if installing from administrator account).</p>
+    <p>If this is the first time you use the CPAN utility, you may have to answer a few setup questions before the tool downloads, builds and install the link checker</p>
+    <h3 id="install-manual">Install by hand</h3>
-    <p>In order to install it:</p>
+    <p>If for any reason the technique described above is not working or if you prefer installing each package by hand, follow the instructions below:</p>
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