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[Bug 18] For conneg, allow choosing the Accept-* headers to send.

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Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 06:00:04 +0000
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------- Comment #20 from link@pobox.com  2008-01-07 06:00 -------
[ Hei Stian, forresten :-) ]

(In reply to comment #18)
> It seems to me the W3C is promoting a double standard here, ignoring HTTP while
> demanding strict compliance with HTML/XHTML.

The Validator has always strived to implement the standards as closely as
possible, and has on occasion preferred to follow the HTTP spec rather then a
W3C issued Recommendation when the two have been in seeming conflict.

> [] it seems to me that by sending a blank (but present) HTTP_ACCEPT header, the
> W3C validator is stating that it will not accept *any* content, regardless of format.

If you can cite an authoritative argument based on RFC2616 that indicates the
current Validator behavior is incorrect then that will be a quite weighty
factor in determining how to deal with this issue.

As far as we've been aware so far, the issue in this bug is one of practical
implementations for publishers attempting to both use application/xhtml+xml
_and_ cater to users of UAs that do not support it; apart from the general
desirability of exposing generic content negotiation features to the
Validator's users.

We are not aware that the Validator's behaviour in this area is in violation of
any standard (see e.g. the RFC2616 cite in Olivier's response in Comment #19).
If your reading of the spec indicates otherwise then please do open a new bug
detailing the issue!
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