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[Bug 785] validator does not supply reasonable Accept header by default

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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 10:27:57 +0000
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------- Comment #20 from ot@w3.org  2007-09-27 10:27 -------
(In reply to comment #19)

> Well if the W3C would stop misleading everyone with the appendix C circus and
> start helping people to use XHTML properly we wouldn't be having this
> conversation and this bug would not exist. The fact is you can't use XHTML on
> the web today with out using server-side content negotiation.

Your intensity about the issue is appreciated, and I hope that you are as
adamant in lobbying browser vendors not properly supporting XHTML.

I am not a fan of appendix C, actually, but I am working on a tool that is
supposed to respect and enforce standardized rules. 

This is why the validator is not complaining about XHTML 1.0 served as
text/html (we do have a bug about making the validator complain if a text/html
XHTML 1.0 document does not respect said appC). 

This is why the validator is sending a warning (not an error...) when XHTML 1.1
is served as text/html. Whether a broken browser is a good reason to do this,
whether it is a good idea to serve XHTML 1.1 as text/html to IE, search engines
and other agents, whether this actually helps or hinders the progress of XHTML
on the web, is off-topic for the validator.
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