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validator/httpd/cgi-bin check

From: Terje Bless <link@abyss.w3.org>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 08:00:52 -0500
Message-Id: <200211271300.IAA01924@abyss.w3.org>
To: www-validator-cvs@w3.org

Update of /sources/public/validator/httpd/cgi-bin
In directory rux.w3.org:/temp/tmp/cvs-serv1625/httpd/cgi-bin

Modified Files:
      Tag: validator-0_6_0-branch
Log Message:
Add :verbose=[0|1] option.

For Valid pages, this controls whether the table etc. will appear at all.
For Invalid pages, this controls the level of detail in the metadata.

By default, Valid pages get no metadata and no "Revalidate" stuff; but
on the extended interface form the Verbose option is checked by default.
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