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CSS3 Validation issue: "Value Error : border-top Too many values or values are not recognized"

From: Robert Martin <bamajr@me.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 11:29:21 -0500
Message-id: <4F6218E1.3010606@me.com>
To: www-validator-css@w3.org
I have to be honest, I'm extremely hesitant to report problems, to a 
mailing list which publicly posts email addresses. I'm ashamed for the 
W3C, as they are supposed to be a web conscious group, but are so 
lackadaisical in spam prevention methods. I hate dealing with spam. The 
W3C is supposed to be an authority on web standards, but I think the 
validity of such an organization, can be seriously questioned, due to 
their inept attempt to protect their participants email addresses 
against spam methods, such as harvesting.

That being said...

I'm pretty sure I've found a CSS3 Validation issue.

In my CSS3 document (style.css) i have a section of code reading as follows:

*/#slideshow .slides-nav {
     background-color: #DDDDDD;
     background-color: rgba(221,221,221,0.50);
     border-top: 2px solid #CCCCCC;
     border-top: 2px solid rgba(204,204,204,0.50);

This code gets the following error, when validated:/**/ */

Value Error : border-top Too many values or values are not recognized : 
2px solid rgba(204,204,204,0.50 )/*
There are several instances of this available when doing a simple search 
on Google. However, I cannot find where this doesn't meet the current 
draft of the CSS3 specification.


/*/border-top: 2px solid #CCCCCC;/*
....is valid, why isn't:

/*/border-top: 2px solid rgba(204,204,204,0.50);/*
....also valid?

I've tried this same line of code, in other CSS3 documents, and it 
causes previously valid CSS3 documents to get the same validation error.

The URI of this specific test is: / 

....and goes to an area, used only for development purposes. It is 
publicly available, but can change, hour by hour.

I cannot say how long that link will be valid for this specific report, 
but anyone who wants to check it out for themselves, can simply use the 
code I've pasted above.

Of course, I go through all of this and someone will point out that I've 
missed something in the draft of the CSS3 specification./

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