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Re: Validator - small bug

From: Thomas Auge <auge@virtues.net>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 21:07:17 +0200
Message-ID: <46FBFF65.5040107@virtues.net>
To: Jens Brueckmann <jens.brueckmann@gmail.com>
CC: www-validator-css@w3.org

Hullo Jens :-)

> Actually, no.
> Imagine a user Style sheet where all tables (or even all elements)
> have background colour white set.
> As user Style sheets have higher priority than author Style sheets,
> your text would become unreadable.
> Well, presumably a user who sets a background colour would also define
> a text colour, then all would be well again.
> But as you can never be sure about the user's settings, the validator
> issues a warning (sic!), so that you become aware of possible issues.

I know they are just warnings, and I made it a habit to ignore warnings, 
I just try to give some input as to what to warn about. ;-)

I don't think the CSS validator should even consider user style sheets, 
because it is unknown information. In theory a user style sheet could 
always cause problems with styles applied to specific tags. In this case 
it is warning about a problem in relation to body and another tag, when 
that other tag within the style sheet in question will definetly have a 
background color.
By your argument the validator should warn about every .table including 
color, because the user could decide to use the same as background-color 
for tables. ;-)

> The reason the validator warns (!) about similar background colours
> and border colours is - as far as I understand it - that borders might
> have been used to convey the "notion of 'separation'" [1].
> If background and border have the same colour, this separation will
> not be visible. If you use border styles such as 'inset', 'outset',
> 'ridge' or 'groove', the border will certainly become somewhat
> visible. Nevertheless the colour contrast might be too low for some
> people to recognize this.

I have to disagree (again :-). Using the background color as 
inset/outset color on buttons is the perfect mix the way most browser 
currently render colors, unless you really want a totally different border.

> All in all, these warnings are not errors. They are concerned with
> probable accessibility issues.

They aren't a problem, they are just inaccurate from my point of view 
and I am bored, so I am nitpicking a bit. :-)

> If you are sure, your Style sheet does not pose any accessibility
> issues, you may as well ignore these warnings (or even choose 'no
> warnings' from the 'more options' select box).

Ignoring warnings is my middle name. :-)


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