when I use online validator in my webpage with "referer?profile=css2" statment to indicate the parser how to work, validation returned seems to be the 2.1 level and not the #2 but I'm not sure because the result page don't return the performed level.
First, Level 2.1 & Level 3 are not recommendations of the W3C for now, then they would be used for experimental purpose only and whith a warning in the advanced options of the validator.
Twice, it would be nice the result page notify the exact performed level to the user who can just refer to the icon to know what. For instance, css1 profile could be set with a CSS Level 2 icon displayed in the <a> tag.
Third, if the parser still validate at level 2.1 when level 2 is required by the referer as it seems to do, this was not only a bug but a malicious way to proceed.
Best regards,
Thierry Cavaliť

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