I consistently have problems using the "direct input" option. After I've pasted my CSS into the window, I go to the "check" button.  It does not respond when I click it.  When my pointer is over the button, no little white-hand-pointer appears to show that the button is a live link.  But when I put my pointer over the space between the window into which the CSS is pasted and the "check" button, that area is "live" (but the options that appear do not include checking the CSS).  I think I have used this direct input option successfully once.  The same problem does not occur when I use the "file upload" option, although when my pointer is over the "check" button in that dialog,  no little white-hand-pointer appears there, either; but when I click, it does begin checking.  I think but I'm not absolutely certain that I've encountered the same problem as with "direct input" once or twice when using "file upload."