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I don't know what the error message means PLEASE help.

From: Nita Arnott <nita@giftsrr.biz>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 08:20:16 -0800
To: <www-validator-css@w3.org>
Cc: <nita@giftsrr.biz>
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I have been trying to validate my "CSS" and "HTML" pages, No luck.

I get the following error message- I don't know what the line numbers are in
the validator.  I have cut & pasted the bottom elements to the top of the
"CSS" page The validator still gave the same error pointing to the bottom of
the "CSS".

This is the message:


Target: C:\wwwroot\Styles\Maroon-NavajoWhite.css

java.lang.RuntimeException: Lexical error at line 76, column 10.
Encountered: after : "" 



This is my "C SS" code:


            aqua #00FFFF, black #000000, blue #0000FF,  fuchsia #FF00FF,
gray #808080, 

            green #008000, lime #00FF00, maroon #800000, navy   #000080,
olive #808000,

            purple #800080, red #FF0000, silver #C0C0C0, teal   #008080,
white #FFFFFF, 

            and                    yellow #FFFF00  only valid color-names 


      Standard link colors are underlined and are colored as follows 

      (Warning: Inactive links): New link (color: Blue) 

                         Visited  link (color: Purple) 

                         Active   link (color: Red) 

      Standard links have two elements that should be present: 

            Underline. Blue links are not enough. 

                  They must also be underlined to inform users to "click

                  Otherwise the links may be misunderstood -- 

                  users will spend time figuring out where to click. 

            Blue Color. 

                  Most users know that underlined means a link as opposed to

                  However, it takes time to find out and some novice users

                  never discover where to click. 

                  In any case, I see no logical reason to abandon or 

                  annoy customers just because they don't know where to



            % a percentage of something * 

            in inch = 2.54cm = 25.4 mm

            cm centimeter = 0.393701 Inch

            mm millimeter = 0.0393701 Inch

            em one em is equal to the font size of the current element 

            ex one ex is the x-height of a font, 

            the x-height is usually about half the font-size 

            pt point (1 pt is the same as 1/72 inch) 

            pc pica (1 pc is the same as 12 points) 

            px pixels (a dot on the computer screen)


a:link          { color: blue;    text-decoration: underline;}

a:visited     { color: purple;       text-decoration: underline;}

a:hover            { color: yellow;       text-decoration: underline;}

a:active      { color: red;     text-decoration: underline;}




            font-family: "Comic Sans MS", "Courier New", "Times New Roman",


            margin-left: 5%; margin-right: 5%;






      color: #800000;

      font: 125%;





            color: #00FFCC;


            margin:5px 05px 05px 0;


            border: 5px ridge #ffffcc;

            background-color: #FFDEAD;





            height: 10ex;

            background-color: #800000;

            padding:5em 5em 5em 5em;




      width: 10%;

      height: 10ex;

      color: yellow;

      background-color: transparent;



I thank you in advance, because are good people.



Nita J. Arnott


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