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Friend, is "real" MLM money possible?

From: Ed Kenny <5203147@seasilvermail.net>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 11:13 -0600
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Hello Friend,

"3 Secrets To "Real" Residual MLM Money"

Forget it! Even if you manage to make more than you
spend in MLM, it's just a ticking time bomb waiting to
explode leaving you in the wreckage. Companies go out
of business faster than ever.

Yes! I agree. But only if you go around chasing
outrageous pay plans and "don't want it" type products.

 >>> Secret #1

o Having a product that people want, not need -- and
they re-order monthly automatically.

This is the secret to locking in residual income. It
doesn't matter if the company pays out 110%.  If
nothing gets sold you don't make anything. 110% of
nothing is nothing.

Seasilver has an amazing 81% re-order rate!  It's
unheard of in the nutritional industry.

 >>> Secret #2

o Having a stable, established company with at least a
two-year track record.

Even if you have an in demand product things can go
astray if the company is mismanaged.

Seasilver has reached that coveted five-year mark,
putting them in a very prestigious class.

 >> Secret #3

o Having a marketing system that produces results --
results being explosive sales.

We have 2 automatic marketing systems that work for us
like a charm. The first is our RecruitOMatic web site
that allows us to generate both business opportunity
and retail prospects 24 hours a day.

It follows up for us automatically. And it gives our
prospects the full presentation of our opportunity and
product without us having to do it personally. It even
allows our prospects to sign up for a FREE site.

Plus, it takes their orders right online as well as
lets them sign up to be a distributor -even while we’re

When you join our team today, you'll receive a
world-class online marketing system. A "prospecting
machine" built by streetwise marketers that will yield
the highest possible results for every dollar spent on
your marketing efforts.

Once you start using it, you won't be able to live
without it. It's FREE when you join today.

The second is our radio infomercial system that allows
you to create retail sales on demand, and grow as fast
and as big as want.

We have a turnkey system – a company that buys the
cheap radio air time for us, a proven order producing
radio infomercial, and a live answering service with
your personal 800 number that not only takes the orders
for you, they even up sell our prospects to larger
orders, so we make bigger commissions

Once you sign up as a distributor we will give you
details on how to run a VERY successful radio
infomercial that is helping our distributors create 5
and 6 figure incomes from the comfort of their homes.

It is called the Donigan Nutrition Hour. On the Donigan
Nutrition Hour, Dr. Friedman reveals that contrary to
popular belief, TAKING vitamins and minerals does not
promote a healthy body. The key to longevity and good
health is ABSORBING these nutrients.

Unlike the other products on the market, Seasilver is
an organic liquid that is able to reach a CELLULAR
level. The information revealed on the show will
astound you.

Friend, listen to this Infomercial here:

Just having one of those secrets can make you a rich
person. But when you find an opportunity that has all
three -- look out! There are no limits on your income,
lifestyle and total freedom.

Try a bottle RISK FREE click here:

Or call your order in to 1-800-299-8256.

Tell them your sponsor is:
Ed Kenny
boca raton, FL 33428

Join Us "Live" on the Seasilver Information Line

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 pm EST
Call 512-305-4655 then enter PIN number 59952#

Yours for prosperity,

Ed Kenny

954 574 1650

 >>> Friend, Join Seasilver today at

 Why not tell a friend about this opportunity?

>>>>>>>>>> T E S T I M O N I A L S <<<<<<<<<<

"I am thrilled to be able to offer a product like
SEASILVER. I have had testimonies from customers that
are hard to believe. But even better is that the Lord
has blessed this business more than I ever conceived.
In less than 7 months I was able to go from just
beginning to a six figure income of over $20,000 a
month using various marketing methods.

I have also been able to teach my business associates
to duplicate what I am doing and they are thrilled at
being able to get so many customers so quickly and to
see the reorders start coming in as people continue to
want more product. It is just a great business that
anyone can duplicate."

Harry Turner

For more testimonials and personal success stories like
these visit :


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