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Tantric's Official Fan Club Newsletter - FREQUENCY September 2001
Volume I Issue II September 2001 

in this issue
Inside Your Head
member questions
members 5 cents (inflation)
other influences and new bands
the business of music for Tantric
Live Your Life
area chapter foundations
members art submissions
all of them!
A Word From Our Sponsors
what's Tantric say?

Astounded Video Shoot

Click the above image to view the Tantric Video Astounded using Windows Media Player

The band wrapped up the video shoot in L.A. so start requesting Astounded on MTV!

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Here it is! Our Second Edition of the soon-to-be-relatively-famous Tantric Fanclub Newsletter FREQUENCY

In this issue, we will catch you up on everything Tantric. You are surely noticing a very different format for this issue and we hope you like it. There is a ton of info and new photos from the road...we hope you enjoy them!

If you are a new fan of Tantric's music, you will find plenty to share with your friends--and please do, because the next contest will get you a guitar signed by the band if you send the most new fans to Tantric's Fan Club Message Board.

Thanks to everyone we thanked last time (it is quicker and easier this way) but a special round of thanks to Janet and Danetta for making this rag a reality! We welcome our newest editors Kauza and Revillusion. If you do not know, Rev has one of the best Tantric fan sites on the web. Check it out at


  • Inside Your Head

    This is where Tantric answers your questions about everything and anything (almost)....

    The next issue of FREQUENCY will be a truly special issue featuring holiday greetings from the band and their families. Start collecting your own fan holiday photos so we can post them.

    You can post any new questions for the band here Ask the Band

  • Revillusion

    We asked Eric from to please share an honest to goodness fan's perspective of a TANTRIC concert and we could not have done better ourselves... so we offered Eric a job! That's right we offered Eric a job as the unofficial, non-payed editor of our fan club concert review section REVILLUSION (plus he already owns the URL!)

    We figured Eric could not possibly turn down a job making $0 a year. Well, Eric took the position and we hope you welcome him with open connections.

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  • Music

    Last month we featured Bryan Fox and Quarter Inch Jack. Two bands we think have a bright future and we will keep everyone updated on their progress.

    We thought this time you might be interested in taking an in- depth look at two of the great influences on Tantric's music: TOOL and 8-Ball & MJG

    Read about Tantrics Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Show

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  • Breakdown
  •    Here is where we tell you all about the business of music as it pertains to TANTRIC , including all the latest interviews, television appearances, album sales and music chart positions.

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    Make sure you have your Tantric Fan Club Membership active for this month's Meet-&-Greets. Go to details


  • Astounded

    I am proud to present this month's featured artist:David Readlinger or known more commonly as AZ Images.

    AZ is also featured in this month's Fan Club Profile. Check it out here...FAN CLUB PROFILE

    Go to details...


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