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(unknown charset) Tired of Traditional Church? We're Starting Something NEW, come and Join Us!

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Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 15:27:17
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     We're starting a new kind of church and would like you to be a charter member.  CyberChurchOnline will open its virtual doors in 
30 days.  A church with no doors..no walls and no limits!! We are not bound by a denomination, religious rules or tradition.  
What binds us is our need for a better relationship with Jesus Christ and the faith to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.   

     Are you tired of the same old boring church services Sunday after Sunday?  Do you even go to church at all?  We'll were here to offer you something very different!
As Jesus did 2000 years ago, we're here to break religious tradition!  We're tired of the double standards and hypocrisy we see in traditional churches across the 
country.  We're tired of  the backbiting and judgmental attitude that is so prevalent in the church today.   We're not here to judge each other but serve each other!  

     You'll have access to 24/7 instant chat time with live counselors.  They'll pray with you, talk with you, and help you through needs and problems in your life.  
We'll make it our mission to pray for you, your family and your needs each and every day!  

     Our chat counselors operate out of a physical church in San Antonio, TX.  You'll be able to see live video cam images of our counselors and facilities anytime of the day.  
You'll be able to attend our services in the same way!  You'll have a pastor that is real and that is sick and tired of the fake money hungry televangelist we see every
 day.  Our church is FREE and this isn't about money it's about helping people!

     People are searching for a more fulfilled and happy life!  We know we can help you overcome the daily battles and struggles you face.  We'll go through them with you! 
We're starting this ministry to help people that need it and begin a new kind of church that has no boundaries.  We're starting this church to be a family to people all 
over the world.

We'll send you daily devotions and you'll have full access to our website to receive up to the minute changing information and spiritual guidance.

                                                                          Join chat groups that fit your interests:

Singles/Divorcees/Defeating Depression and Loneliness/Teens/Seniors/Young Married/ Mom's Club/Single moms/need a job...and many more!

                           Do you have needs and problems in your life and want someone to pray with you?

                           Find friends in our church and we'll help you set up your own instant messaging profile to be able to talk with them at any time!

                           Do you want to experience the victory that a relationship with Jesus brings?

If so send an email to the address below and join something truly special:

Type "new member" in the subject line and we'll be in contact with you.  Quit anytime you want.


Please give us your comments and suggestions that might help us as we start this new kind of church.  Our goal is to have thousands of members across the globe 
reaching out and helping one another through prayer, fellowship and spiritual growth!  

To be removed from our list click on the link below and type remove in the subject line:

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