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An Invitation

From: TEAM Alliance <nospam556@brinkster.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 23:11:26 -0700
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   A personal invitation from: 
TEAM Alliance  &quot;Refer 2 and retire? You've got to be kidding!&quot;

We're NOT!
 The Alliance was formed after months of research. Hundreds of people were interviewed and asked what they wanted most in an income opportunity. Based upon their answers, The Alliance was born.
&#8230;TEAM Alliance invites you to Join

"...The Most Important Step You May Ever Take in Your Journey to Financial Strength."
How Would You Like to Receive a $15,400 Monthly Residual Income?
Do you know two people who would also like to receive $15,400 Monthly Residual Income?
If you can answer Yes to these two questions, The Alliance will enable you and your partners to achieve financial freedom.
You may already have experience with multi-level marketing or gifting as avenues to achieving your personal financial goals. THE ALLIANCE is a program, which delivers a high value product, builds on the spirit of helping others and utilizes the structure of multi-level marketing to offer its members up to $15,400 monthly residual income.
What is The Alliance?
A brand new group of like-minded people with the common goal of achieving financial strength.
Unlike many compensation plans out there, The Alliance is a fixed matrix which never splits, breaks or cycles away from you. This means you never lose your team. It also means you get paid week after week, month after month for effort you put forth only once.
Working together with your two partners is the key to success for your entire matrix. No need for endless recruiting. No need to spend endless hours per day on the phone. Choose your two partners well, work with them to choose their two partners, and you're done. PLUS, we have our OWN lead generation company! So you will already be able to find pre-screened interested people! This program is so easy to duplicate and achieve success!
The Strength of This Program is its Simplicity.
You are part of a permanent organization, your own organization. You are never asked to invite more than 2. And (as if $15,400 isn't enough) as a member you'll recieve a complimentary discount package (valued at over $10,000 yearly) on Healthcare, Travel, and more! 
A full matrix pays you a total of $15,400 each month! Get paid weekly for all activity in your matrix.
How Does It Work?
The pay structure for The Alliance is a 2x8 Matrix, professionally administered with a full staff for data entry, monitoring, member payments and product fulfillment for the wide range of products available only to its members.
Each member pays a one-time fee of $100 plus the first month's dues of $330.
Then, by referring two, and helping them to do the same within your first month, you will NEVER be out of pocket again. This is because the money earned on your first two levels pays your monthly dues.
In fact, you will be making money.
Everything else is pure profit, and that will be as much as $15,400 a MONTH!
You're paid weekly (regardless of whether or not your matrix is full) through a debit card you can use at any ATM or store which accepts debit cards.
No waiting for checks to arrive in the mail. You get paid instantly.
How much depends upon how full your matrix is. A schedule is outlined on the FAQ Page we can send you!
What Are My Responsibilities as a Member of The Alliance?
When you enter The Alliance you are choosing to enter your own business organization which can provide residual income to you for the rest of your life.
Your responsibility is to commit to inviting only those people whom you trust to be in business with you. Their success is your success. Each strong member strengthens your organization; each weak member weakens your organization. You will be encouraged to focus your energy on supporting your two partners.
The founders of The Alliance believe
Every person is entitled to the personal strength that financial health provides.

The stress of chronic economic hardship is not a virtue.

With a commitment to yourself and to your partners everyone will enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts.

We offer The Alliance as the program to provide you with the residual income to free you to pursue your dreams. 
Blessings to You on Your Journey to Financial Independence! 
How Do I Find Out More About The Alliance?
1- LISTEN to the toll free 3 minute call @ 800-789-3991
2-  LOOK at the paperwork by contacting TEAM Alliance (NO OBLIGATION) Simply call or FAX (206) 984-INFO
3- DECIDE to get started immediately to start earning $15,400 monthly!  
You recieved this email becuase your address is listed in our OPT-IN opportunity list. However, if you feel you have recieved this message in error, please visit http://opt-out.cdt.org/ for information on how to permanantly remove your name from all lists. You may also contact us for removal at this address.

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