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We'd Like To Advertise On Your Web Site

From: Michael Malone <mmalone@sleepbettergrounded.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 10:55:41 +0000
Message-Id: <200110141800.LAA04892@net3.planetnet.com>
To: www-validator-css@w3.org

After visiting your Web site today (and taking a look through it) we 

would be interested in placing an Ad with a link to our Web site ( 

www.sleepbettergrounded.com ) on your site!  We offer a fitted mattress 

pad (with carbon fibers running through it), called an Earth Tether 

Sleep System, which is grounded to the earth and assists our customers 

in sleeping better.  The products vary in price from $199.95 to 

$239.95.  We would be willing to offer you a 20% commission on the 

retail value of every product sold to anyone who came from this Ad on 

your Web site.  We also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to each and 

every customer as well.

	I thought I might quickly share with you what our customers think of 

our products and why they buy them.  Here's a portion of a testimonial 

from one of our many customers:


	"I would like to thank you for inventing the Earth Tether mattress pad 

and for bringing me back a little bit of myself and my life.

	The nights made me feel like I had been in some sort of war and I was 

losing the battle.  I had tried every imaginable herbal remedy and even 

prescription sleep aids did not work and had many side effects.  I 

spent a small fortune on new pillows and mattresses to try to solve 

this dilemma.  All that did was put me further into debt.  Nothing 


	I no longer feel sleep deprived and I now look forward to going to 

bed.  I can honestly say that my Earth Tether is the most valuable 

possession I have." - Patricia C. - Ventura, CA


	There are many other similar testimonials on our Web site if you'd 

like to read them.

	We have in place on our Web site an automated tracking system setup 

through our Miva Shopping Cart software.  Every visitor who purchases 

from our Web site (who linked to our site from the Ad on your Web site) 

will be automatically tracked for you.  This is accomplished through 

our "Affiliates" program.  You will also have on line access to your 

"Affiliate" account for up to the second reporting (current commissions 

due, payments made to you , etc).  Payments due to you from these sales 

would be made monthly.

	If you are interested in placing our ad on your Web site I have 

attached a copy of the Ad graphic and Agreement for you.  I need you to 

do the following:

1)	Place this Ad graphic on your Web site.

2)	Print off the attached Agreement, sign it and fax it to my attention 

at 303-452-7533 (or Toll Free at 866-428-7757).  We will sign it and 

fax back a copy for you as well.

3)	Visit our Web site at the following link 

http://www.sleepbettergrounded.com/order.html .  Click on the 

"Affiliate Login" Button and then select "Create New Account" to sign 

up for the Affiliate Program.  

	Once we have received your fax (and you have signed up for our 

Affiliate Program on line) we will e-mail back to you the exact "Link" 

you'll want to use to link our Ad to our Web site.  This will be an 

exact "link" which will specifically track the visitors from your Web 

site~and there purchases.

	I appreciate your interest and look forward to a successful business 

relationship.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me 


P.S. If you'd like to experience exactly what your Web site visitors 

will experience when linking to our site from this ad please visit 

www.sleepbettergrounded.com/sleepad.shtml and click on the Ad graphic 


Thank You For Your Time,

R. Michael Malone

Vice President of Marketing


Local:		(303) 452-7533

Toll Free:	(866) 4-BTR-SLP

Fax:		(303) 452-7533

Sleep Better, LLC

1120 Lincoln St., Suite 1000

Denver, CO 80203

(image/jpeg attachment: SleepBetter.jpg)

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