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New Source For Finding Wide Range Of Meeting Industry Related Websites

From: Michael Rose <info@conworld.net>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 05:17:00 +0100
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Subject: New Source For Finding Wide Range Of Meeting Industry Related Websites

Dear Meeting Professional,

A new online resource gives meeting planners a useful directory of meeting industry related websites.

The site, <http://www.conworld.net/> , has a database of hyperlinks to meeting facilities, hotel chains, CVBs, DMCs PCOs, event agencies, airlines, cruise lines, speaker, other suppliers and industry associations, plus a MICE events calendar and a news area that covers the Meeting, Hospitality, Travel and Airline Industry. There are over 9,500 listings in more than 1,400 destinations worldwide.
All businesses and organizations are listed for free. The site also offers the opportunity to add a Description of Service and to be included in additional categories and destinations. There is a fee to be listed with a description and in additional categories/destinations.

Instead of keyword searches, entries are indexed by country, state and city. 

"Search engines are fine if you know exactly what you are looking for," said Michael Rose, marketing executive for conworld.net. "But if you don't exactly know the name of a venue, for example, you will have a problem finding it due to the overload of information on the web."

The search results give planners more than just the specific information they were seeking. Because the site lists all registered organizations of a destination on one page, a planner who was putting together a meeting in Tampa, for example, and was interested in locating a destination management company, would also find links to area hotels, meeting venues and facilities, suppliers, the local CVB, meeting-planning companies, etc.

"Meeting planners have the opportunity to look up a destination and have on one page all of the registered companies in that destination," said Rose. "It's a time-efficient way to search for information and have a look at a destination as a whole."

The Berlin, Germany based company claims it takes only three clicks to reach whatever business/organization a planner is looking for — once on the country, state and city to arrive at a page with all business links in that city organized by category. 

"What I found was that planners are often doing multiple searches to find what they need in a given destination," said Rose. "If a planner is looking for a conference centre in a destination, he most likely is going to need other services within that city, so he may start another search for a DMC, and another search for a ground transportation company, etc. The idea was to have all of the organizations and businesses in a destination on one page.

"Most planners don't choose a destination strictly because there is a state-of-the-art conference centre. They often choose a destination based on everything the city can offer them for their meeting."

Planners also can browse the listings by specific category if they are seeking an organization or business that is not bound to one location. This feature is helpful for locating organizations such as industry associations, Internet software/service providers, speaker and airlines.
Don’t search – Look up!
pp. now online: find helpful services, independent of the destination they are operating in, with the new conworld.net search engine
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