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Golf and Property in Andalucia: TURES 2001

From: Paul Barz <paulbarz@eae.cc>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 13:15:56 +0100
To: <paulbarz@eae.cc>

The Residential Tourism Sector of Andalucía  Presents  Itself  At

                           TURES Andalucía 2001

The traditional vacation tourism  in Andalucia is accompanied by a new
phenomenon now called “Residential Tourism”. More than 400.000 Europeans
reside or live semi-permanent at the Costa del Sol. These people have in
common to have chosen the  Best  Place  to enjoy their quality of life:

Especially for Golfers Anderlucia has established itself  as  one of the
most liked resorts. The privileged climate makes golfing a pleasure during
the whole year and with its 54 Golf Courses you find an ample variety  of
courses with different characteristics, some of them known from prestigious
golf tournaments. Enjoy life living close to golf.

Euro Andalucia Events is organizing the first exhibition on Residential and
Sport Tourism in Andalucia (Tures Andalucia 2001). It will take place
between the 13th and the 16th of December in the Congress Hall of Marbella.
The principal aim of this event is to connect developers, constructors,
associations and business people to invest in Andalucía. We think that Tures
Andalucia 2001 is a very good opportunity for you to know more about
traveling, enjoying, investing and living in Andalucia. Please visit our
Web-Side www.eae.cc and ask for more information per e-mail.  Thank you!

With kind regards,

Paul Barz

Dpto. Commercial

c/Rossini, 24 – Urb. Marbella Sierra Blanca [29600] Marbella, Málaga, Spain
Tel: +34 952 90 24 21 - Fax +34 952 90 45 21 – info@eae.cc - www.eae.cc

Data on TURES  Andalucía 2001

Name of Fair and Symposium:              TURES Andalucía 2001

Place:                                                          Congress
Hall Marbella

Date:                                                           13th to 16th
of December

Opening Hours:                                          from 9.00 am to 7.00

Organizing Company:                               Euro Andalucía Events S.A.

Slogan:                                                         “Visit,
enjoy, invest and live in Andalucia.”

The Property Exhibition for Residential and Sport Tourism – TURES Andalucía
2001 – will open its doors to the public from the 13th until the 16th of
December in the Congress Hall of Marbella. It will be accompanied by
conferences, discussions and a symposium.

On an exposition space of 8.000 m2 and with 100 stands developers and
service companies from the eight provinces of Andalucia will present
themselves to a professional public: Investors, banks, portfolio managers,
business managers and business associations from Europe and America.

Parallel to the exhibition there will take place a Symposium on the
following issues:

 -        Urban Planning in the focus of Residential Tourism.

 -        Demographical Evolution and Infrastructure – Challenges for the
Residential Tourism.

 -        Environmental Aspects and the necessity of a ecological tourism.

 -        Andalucia as an alternative for the Big European Cities.

 -        Round Table: Demand of Services of the Residential and Sport

COLLABORATIONS: Junta de Andalucía, Confederación de Empresarios, Diputación
de Málaga, Mancomunidad de Municipios, Patronato de Turismo, Centro de
Iniciativas Turísticas, Promotour, Europcar, AVE, EACOM.


The Tourism of Andalucia – and especially at the Costa del Sol – is in the
process of reaching a new quality. Last year for the first time the income
from the so called Residential Tourism has surpassed with 52% the income
from the traditional holiday business. That makes Residential Tourism the
most important business in Andalucia.

Residential Tourism is the business generated by national or foreign second
home owners that live here or visit Andalucia. Most of the income is
produced by Real Estate and Construction companies. But also Services as
well as Sports and Leisure Offers profit from the demand for residential
properties. One big advantage of this kind of tourism is – also thanks to
the extraordinary climate in Andalucia – that the season lasts all year

With 400.000 foreign residents Andalucia is the best liked region of second
home buyers within Spain. The demand is mainly created by Germans (38%) and
British (36%) followed by the Scandinavian and East European countries.
Surveys on these countries have discovered an enormous interest in second
homes in the sun. The Andalusian Government therefore counts with 800.000 to
1.200.000 new foreign residents within the next five years.

That makes understandable why Andalucia concentrated 32% of the foreign
investments in real estate within Spain: a total of 1,25 billion Euro. From
that sum 90% were invested at the Costa del Sol. The Spanish National Bank
notes that in the first quarter of this year investment in Andalucia has
risen by 25,5% accompanied by a price rise of 16,2% on real estate in
Andalucia within the same period.

Estimates for the province of Málaga foresee that the population will double
until the year 2010. The next phase of residential tourism will lead into a
period of immigration into Andalucia. Therefore one can predict a
continuous, long-term demand on property and services.

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