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Mirage Shopping CartTM ...


"More Than You'll Ever Imagine!"

How Would You Like An E-Commerce Package That is very affordable, Has The Easiest To Use Interface, Looks Clean And Crisp AND Allows YOU To Be In Charge Of Your Website?

And wouldn't it also be great if there was someone out there who could set you up with everything you need, and things you didn't even know you needed? We can give you shopping carts, built in cash register, payment gateway, secure real-time credit card transactions, the ability to edit your own shipping charges, and unlimited product databases and more for just $149.95?

We offer Search engine registration and Site Statistics, both integrated right into your own site's administrative area. You're  in control!

Your OWN Internet Store
Mirage Shopping Cart
TM  makes it as easy as one, two, three to set up an ecommerce web site! 

  1. You call us.
  2. We set it up.
  3. We show you how to Administer it.

What comes after is the best part......Instant payment on your orders!

 If you can type, (yes, even hunt & peck!), you're in business!

Call today and get FREE Site Statistics with Mirage!

Toll Free: 1-866-633-4196

email: sales@gntech.net

Terms and Conditions: " Fees include the $149.95 set-up fee and monthly hosting from $50/month"


Check out what you get, and how easy it is:.................Read What Our Customers Have To Say About MirageTM:

  • Easy Setup for your business.  We set up your site for you!

  • Extremely Affordable due to unmatched development efforts.

  • Turn Key Shopping Cart Web Site! 

  • Convenient and Easy to navigate Shopping Carts for the customers.

  • Online Searching within the Shopping Cart.

  • Easy, Automated Secure Credit Card processing!

  • Comprehensive Web Site Marketing!

  • Ability to build a Customer Database!

  • Real Time Product Management.

  • Online Order Status review.

  • Completely Customizable!

  • Listing on Netroplex.net!


Email Contact: sales@gntech.net



Quality Scottish Goods

September 5, 2000
Great Northern Technologies
Spokane, WA

Great job on the web site! I had a lot of unique ideas and you took the time to go over them with me. I think that extra effort to make sure we were both on the same wavelength really paid off: the site looks fantastic!

Bringing a hands-on business like kilt and bagpipe supply to the virtual world posed a lot of complicated problems. I appreciate all your creative solutions for dealing with all the Clan Crests, Tartans, and Measurements. Honestly, I didnít think it would be possible for the site to run so seamlessly.

You were completely right about the effect of e-commerce on the business. All of my competitors are jumping on board. The lines have been drawn and if I hadnít teamed up with you Iíd still be playing catch-up.

Jason G. Gordon
                                                       Visit: www.rampantimports.com

CSG Golf

December 29, 2000
Great Northern Technologies
Spokane, WA

To Great Northern

We are now in the final phase of setting up our products on your Mirage TM shopping cart system. This will be our fourth shopping cart since we first went on line with our products. Frankly, we decided to go with your product because of the low price and numerous promises received from Dan. We figured that if you didn't deliver, we weren't out much. I am very happy to say that you delivered everything as promised and were very good about catering to our special needs. The look of the site speaks for itself and the Administrative portion is far and away more functional than any solution we ever used before. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a turn key solution. Thank you so much.

Tom Anderson                                                                                    Visit: www.csggolf.com   

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