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Iraq Trade Association

From: Iraq <iraq@iraq.nu>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 09:41:09 +0200
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New phone and fax numbers,  The Iraq Trade Association is happy to announce
a new high-speed fax line dedicated solely to accept your offers. +43 (0)
463 339095 so from USA 001-43-463-339095, however our preferred method is
email to receive offers.

Our new phone number is +43 (0) 463 339094 so from USA 001-43-463-339094

UN tenders are now available for download


This information is not available through any other source including the UN

These tenders include thousands of oilfield products and services including
drilling contracts and complete Rigs. Most tenders include complete details
needed to quote. As we have stated in our previous newsletters Our relations
in Iraq are very strong and our ability to gain the contracts is extremely
high. All Successful bids will be subject to UN approval and paid by UN
letter of credit. 

The Iraq government is looking for many items like Drilling Rigs, Refining
Units, Machine Shop Equipment, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Electric/turbine
Generators. ect....

If you have items in stock with a value of more than 250,000 USD the
ministry may write a special purchase order if they feel they are in need of
your products so please e-mail what you have available and if it is
significant we will work to get a contract.

Please keep in mind that if a closing date is expired on a tender that many
or the tenders are re-opening several times If you have not already sent
your catalogues of your products and services please do so to the address

Special Request: We need 50 Mercedes or Scania 6x2 tractor trucks approx
year model 1996 for immediate cash purchase.
Special Notice:
We have placed the program webstripper in the http://www.iraq.nu/oil/
directory. If you wish to download all tenders at once use this program and
it will create a directory called stripped on your hard drive with all files
just install the webstripper program and use the URL http://www.iraq.nu/oil/
when prompted. After use of this program you can search keywords using your
search function on your computer to find files containing items you may want
to quote on.

Please email quotes or questions to:


Stanley KEG

Industriering 11 
A-9020 Klagenfurt, Austria
Please email quotes or questions to:

Thank You

William L Stanley

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