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From: Envision <envision@envisionfirst.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 20:53:34 -0400
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To: "friend" <eoe@envisionfirst.com>

      Envision Ophthalmic Equipment is Buying and Selling Ophthalmic Instruments

      Envision is looking to purchase used ophthalmic equipment.   Age and condition does not matter, so take a look in your closets, backrooms, garages, storage, or just an extra lane your not using and make a list and email it to: selling@envisionfirst.com or fax it to: 734.354.8693

        a.. B&L Refractors

        b.. AO RX Masters

        c.. AO 590

        d.. Topcon VT-5

        e.. AO Ultramatics

        f.. Slitlamps

        g.. Projectors

        h.. Keratometers

        i.. All diagnostic equipment

        j.. Lasers

        k.. Phaco units

        l.. Ultrasounds A & B Scans

        m.. Chair & Stands

        n.. Etc.
     Envision Sells quality New and Used ophthalmic equipment.  All Used equipment is reconditioned and warrantied for one year. If you see something you like or have any questions please E-mail us at buying@envisionfirst.com . Please take advantage of these New and Used E-mail SPECIALS: 
        a.. Used Marco IIB Slitlamp w/Tono $2750 
        b.. Used B&L Keretometer $650 
        c.. Used B&L Vertometer $1150.00 
        d.. Used AO Projector $375 
        e.. Used AO Ultramatic (plus) $2800.00 
        f.. Used AO 11666 Slitlamp $950.00 
        g.. Used AO Radiusgauge $650

        a.. New Optivision Trial Lens Set $599

        b.. New Optivision LM3 Lensmeter $599

        c.. New Optivision SL5F Slitlamp $2199.00

        d.. New Optivision Portable Lensmeter $199.00
      Check Envision out at http://www.envisionfirst.com or email your requests to questions@envisionfirst.com 


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