Question from a grad school student

From: angela (
Date: Fri, Feb 07 2003

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    Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 22:40:19 -0500
    From: angela <>
    Subject: Question from a grad school student
    Wow, two posts in one day.  I hope you all can stand the deluge of 
    excitement on this list :-)
    As I mentioned in my previous e-mail I'm in grad school at New York 
    University and I want to pursue iTV.  A few years ago I worked for 
    Optus, Cable & Wireless in Sydney Australia as a UI designer in their 
    iTV department using the Liberate STB.  For my thesis project (which 
    I'll be working on in 2004-2005).  I want to set up NYUtv (the 
    college's analog cable network) with its on iTV station for the 
    delivery and interactivity of education content -- and e-learning. 
    I want to do what <>BlackBoard does for 
    the web for iTV  (with some major improvements, however) Does this 
    sound too ambitious for a grad student?
    In any case I'm really interested in the nuts and bolts of iTV and 
    how it works.   I have a few questions for all you "experts" out 
    there and I would REALLY value your opinions.
    1a.  Of the technical people you work with, which technical skills 
    are most valued in your company as far as iTV goes?  (I am asking 
    this because I am trying to decide what classes I should take next 
    semester and what I should be learning.  For example would you say 
    that knowing Unix is essential, C++, TCP/IP etc.)
    1b. If you had to send some of your employees / co-workers back to 
    school for job-related skills, what would you want them to learn?
    2. Part of my education will require selecting an internship that 
    will give me hands on experience as well as educate me.  I've done my 
    share of fetching donuts and coffee as an undergrad.  I would like to 
    know what companies are on the cutting edge of iTV technology and are 
    looking for serious interns?
    I have received some information about interning at Cable and 
    Wireless in the UK.  This will obviously require me to relocate for a 
    period of time, which is okay, but I am interested in learning about 
    other companies as well (in all cities / countries)
    3. Does anyone know of -- or know where I can get information about 
    grants for iTV?  As I mentioned above I will be working on my thesis 
    project next year.  I am trying to plan as early as possible.  I am 
    searching for a grant / fellowship that I can use for educational 
    purposes, mainly to set up an iTV network for the purpose of distance 
    learning, e-learning, or just for students to be able to "attend" 
    class while lying in bed in their dorm room.
    4. What books  can you recommend on iTV or the industry in general?
    5.  Does anyone have an extra / leftover Liberate STB manual?
    THANK YOU in advance for taking time to read this long mail.  I would 
    really appreciate any comments, answers or feedback you have.
    "Vivid and in your prime, you will leave me behind..."