OT : Proposed DTV channel changing packet

From: Martin Spamer (martin_spamer@kingston-comms.co.uk)
Date: Tue, Aug 14 2001

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    From: Martin Spamer <martin_spamer@kingston-comms.co.uk>
    To: "'www-tv@w3.org'" <www-tv@w3.org>
    Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 09:39:42 +0100
    Subject: OT : Proposed DTV channel changing packet
    I've received a copy of this proposal for an Internet-Draft for review,
    whilst slightly offtopic for this mailing list I think it's likely to be of
    interest to many here.
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    > From:	Richard Hodges [SMTP:rh@matriplex.com]
    > Sent:	07 August 2001 20:54
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    > Subject:	Proposed DTV channel changing packet
    > Martin,
    > I saw your post on slashdot and figured you must be in the DTV business
    > :-)
    > I am about to submit an Internet-Draft for a DTV channel changing packet
    > and protocol to the IETF, and thought you might have an interest in this
    > matter.  The IETF is closed for submissions until the 14th while they have
    > their meeting, but I would be glad to have your comments or suggestions
    > before submitting the first draft.
    > You can get a copy of the draft at:
    >   http://www.matriplex.com/docs/draft-hodges-dtv-chanchange-00.txt
    > Basically, it outlines a packet that a DTV client can send to a server in
    > order to specify which channel it wants to receive.  It contains
    > authentication information for security and many optional fields that can
    > help the server(s) choose the best video and audio stream(s) to send.
    > My company, Matriplex will be releasing free reference software for the
    > authentication, authorization, and accounting servers supporting this
    > packet structure.  The platforms are FreeBSD, Linux, and Solaris (gcc),
    > and initially supporting PostgreSQL and MySQL. Since source code is
    > included, naturally other platforms and databases may be used.  More info:
    >   http://www.matriplex.com/techinfo/dtv-packet.html
    > While you must already have your own methods of handling channel changing,
    > I hope that you might still wish to have a say in guiding this protocol
    > as it matures.
    > All the best,
    > -Richard
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