Re: Server Side Magic.

From: Tom Worthington (
Date: Mon, Jun 18 2001

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    Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 13:12:14 +1000
    To: Juha Vierinen <>,,
    From: Tom Worthington <>
    Subject: Re: Server Side Magic. 
    At 07:21  18/06/01 +0300, Juha Vierinen wrote:
    >We are planning to test CC/PP ... The server has to do some magic, to come 
    >up with a page which fits the client... Is there any standardized language 
    >for describing a such a site?
    You might want to look at Cocoon, a "100% pure Java publishing framework 
    that relies on new W3C technologies (such as DOM, XML, and XSL) to provide 
    web content":
    However, I am a skeptical of the value of this technology for public web 
    pages. After discussions of accessibility and mobile Internet at INET2001 
    <>, I am recommending 
    that web designers make their applications "wireless ready" by implementing 
    accessibility guidelines and checking their web pages are usable on a 
    quarter-VGA screen. Most web pages will then work okay on wireless PDA 
    devices and web appliances, as well as normal computer screens. This avoids 
    the need for server side software and bypasses WAP.
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