RE: Server Side Magic.

From: Martin Spamer (
Date: Tue, Jun 19 2001

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    From: Martin Spamer <>
    Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 10:16:52 +0100
    Subject: RE: Server Side Magic. 
    The Model View Controller pattern provides an excellent solution to this
    design issue, indeed I'd call it the 'standard solution' to this problem.
    This is just one link,

    a search for 'Model View Controller' in you're favourite search engine
    should turn up a lot more articles.
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    	Hi Juha,
    	I am not quite sure if I follow you all the way, but it seems to me
    as if
    	you could take another approach;
    	Firstly you could determine basic information from the client, such
    as which
    	ML it uses. From there moving on to display and memory capabilities.
    	these are determined you could produce XML according to the memory
    	limitations. This XML which now is fitted for the memory
    capabilities of the
    	terminal could then be parsed to the ML that the terminal supports
    	to it's CC/PP. Then continue with tweaking the content of the ML in
    order to
    	make it fit the display, e.g. choose color depth and size of images.
    	This could all be done with rules for selecting the content and
    	parameterized functions which produce it.
    	Hope I made my self clear.
    	Kind regards
    	Tomas Majak