Re: SMPTE Standardization of Declarative Content for Television

From: Tim Berners-Lee (
Date: Thu, Mar 23 2000

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    From: "Tim Berners-Lee" <>
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    Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 20:12:55 -0500
    Subject: Re: SMPTE Standardization of Declarative Content for Television
    It is great to see a move to bring together the ARIB, DVB, and ATSC.  I hope
    it is clear that when a TV is used for Internet access, standards have to be
    There clearly has to be a close working with the W3C HTML  working group,
    where others such as the existing web community and the mobile community can
    all coordinate their needs.  Hopefully we will see consistency in that:
    - any changes needed to XHTML itself will be made by working within the HTML
    working group. When many groups work concurrently on closely related
    specifications, it is not optimal to have a weak liaison.  Direct
    participation in the relevant group is much more effective than waiting to
    see what the group comes up with, and then giving one's feedback.
    - New XML namespaces will be used to introduce features which are
    device-dependent  such as new navigation elements for mobile phones or TV
    remote controls.  This will allow content to be repurposed more easily
    across devices, and allow independent evolution of different features.
    - There will be coordination of global television-specific features and of
    mobile device-specific features, but also cross-coordination as  often new
    features have a wider application than originally imagined.
    W3C standards especially in the user interface domain go through review by
    the Web Accessibility Initiative and the Internationalization activity.
    This or the equivalent would be a wise step also for extensions to HTML for
    device-specific use.
    I need hardly point out that web content is global.  It is not restricted to
    a particular phone or television network, or country.  Regional variations
    in web standards are quite unacceptable as they will undermine the
    fundamental principles of universality which make the Web what it is.  I am
    very glad to see the new moved for global coordination in this area. W3C
    will be happy to do what it can to make this work, as this is central to our
    Tim Berners-Lee
    Director, World Wide Web Consortium