Re: CfP W3C/WAP Web Device Independent Authoring workshop

From: Philipp Hoschka (
Date: Thu, Apr 27 2000

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    Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 13:58:33 +0800
    From: Philipp Hoschka <>
    Subject: Re: CfP W3C/WAP Web Device Independent Authoring workshop
    Participating at this Workshop should be of particular interest to 
    members of the TVWeb group - 
    developing guidelines of how to write HTML content that displays 
    well on both PC and TV screens (and whether this is an achievable 
    goal) was a hot topic at the TVWeb workshop. It is one of the 
    "optional work items" in the charter of the W3C TVWeb Interest 
    Group - see quote below:
    > Authoring guidelines 
    > These authoring guidelines should describe in layman-terms how to 
    > use HTML and CSS so that you can do "author-once - display anywhere", 
    > instead of having to redevelop every site several times for different 
    >display environments. 
    Daniel Dardailler a écrit :
    > Dear All,
    > This message to inform you about the workshop on "Web Device
    > Independent Authoring" to be held in Los Angeles, California, USA,
    > June 22-23 2000.
    > This workshop is jointly organized by the W3C (WAI specifically) and
    > the WAP Forum.
    > The primary areas of interest for this workshop are the issues related
    > to developing a common set of Web content guidelines which would
    > facilitate transformation/navigation of generic Web content on non-PC
    > devices and at the same time ensure accessibility of this content for
    > people with disabilities.
    > For more information, see the Call for Participation which has just
    > been posted at
    > Daniel Dardailler
    > Workshop Chair