RE: "lid" URLs

From: Dan Zigmond (
Date: Sat, Apr 15 2000

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    From: Dan Zigmond <>
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    Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 10:57:29 -0700
    Subject: RE: "lid" URLs
    Agreed.  We were a little careless in our terminology (as others also
    pointed out), and I just haven't gotten around to revising the drafts.
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    From: Larry Masinter []
    Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2000 10:33 AM
    Subject: "lid" URLs
    (someone) wrote me:
    > I've just noticed a couple of Internet drafts that propose and refer to a
    > URI scheme called lid:
    >    draft-blackketter-lid-00.txt
    >    draft-finseth-isanlid-00.txt
    > I have two thoughts:
    > (a) these lid:'s look more like URNs to me
    > (b) the lid draft claims that lid:'s are simulatneously URIs and URNs, but
    > they don't conform to URN syntax (in not having a leading "urn:" or
    > namespace identifier parts).
    I don't have a problem with URL-schemes that have URN-like semantics,
    since there are enough of them already (cid, news, etc.). I think the
    wording (saying that lid URLs are URNs) probably needs to change, since
    it just adds confusion.