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Date: Mon, Nov 15 1999

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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 10:27:56 -0500
From: Gomer Thomas <>
Subject: Re: Glossary and Acronym Update

There are actually three levels of functionality which could usefully be
(1) The automatically scrolling program guide provided on a dedicated channel in
most cable systems. The viewer has no control over the information display
whatsoever. It just scrolls slowly along.
(2) The interactive program guides provided on many first generation cable boxes.
The viewer can call up a grid display at will, and can scroll forward and backward
through both channels and time slots. The viewer can also call up textual
descriptions of programs in the grid and can tune directly to a program in the grid
with a single remote control click if it is in the current time slot.
(3) The more sophisticated program guides available on the Internet and on some
satellite and cable systems, which provide search and filtering facilities of the
sort described in Martin Spamer's message.

"Craig A. Finseth" wrote:

>            Can you explain this difference further?  Perhaps an example of
>    each?
>    OK, my musing on the differences between EPG and IPG.
>    The content is pushed by an EPG, the user interaction is essentially
>    passive, the schedule is simply displayed by channel or carousel; any
>    'interaction' is limited to selection.  Teletext TV guides are an example of
>    an EPG.
> OK.
>    The content is drawn/pulled by a user interacting with an IPG.  The IPG
>    would select/filter the content from a database based on the user selection
>    criteria before returning the results.  IPG Software is acting as an agent
>    for the consumer, either permanently or on demand.  The agent could also
>    prompt the consumer at the start of specifically selected programmes.
>    Some Example IPG scenarios, might include:
>    *    Show me a list of news channels.
>    *    Show me a list of films/movies from a selected genre.
>    *    Select a review of a specific film/movie.
>    *    Show me a list programmes suitable for family viewing.
>    *    Tell me when programme X starts.
> Personally, I would classify this as an EPG that had a decent feature
> set (which most current implementations don't have) and the line between
> EPG and IPG would be blurry at best.  However, you have made
> your distinction clear and that's all that I asked for.
> Craig

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