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Date: Sat, Nov 13 1999

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From: Dan Kohn <>
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Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 21:14:18 -0800
Subject: RE: New "tv:" URI draft

Looks good.  Some comments:

>,which is not met by the URI schemes described in [1]. 

No URL schemes are mentioned in RFC 2396, unlike RFC 1738.  I think you
instead want "using the URI format described in RFC 2396 [1]."

I think you need some amplification on this thought:

>It is important to note that these DNS-style identifiers need not match
>real hostnames; they are not intended to be resolved to IP addresses using

I would change "are not intended" to "SHOULD NOT" and add: "Thus, using the
terms as defined in RFC 2396, the tv: scheme is a Uniform Resource
Identifier, not a Uniform Resource Locator.

>In order to support these identifiers in a "tv:" URI, a receiver must
>implement a means to map known identifiers to frequencies. The nature
>of this map and the way in which it is used will be browser- and
>device-specific and is beyond the scope of this document. 

I would change "will be browser- and device-specific" to "are currently
browser- and device-specific", to avoid excluding that some future protocol
(e.g., SLP, rescap) may make it possible for tv: URIs to be correctly
resolved to frequencies.

For Section 7, I would suggest creating a template registration form based
on RFC 2048 and use similar language about emailing to an
mailing list.

Also, I would reference RFC 2119 and change your references to the form [RFC
2396] and [AVTEF] since the ordinal numbering provides no useful

		- dan
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Subject: New "tv:" URI draft

I apologize for the long delay, but here is the revised "tv:" draft.  It
incorporates the various changes we've discussed on this list, particularly
the change from conventional television network identifiers like "BBC" and
"KQED" to domain names like "" and "".  Hopefully, this
accurately reflects the general consensus, and we can send it on to the

Thanks for all the input I've received so far, and please send any
additional comments to me and/or to this list.


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