RE: Glossary and Acronym Update

From: Martin Spamer (
Date: Fri, Nov 12 1999

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From: Martin Spamer <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 13:26:07 -0000
Subject: RE: Glossary and Acronym Update

I would like to propose an addition to the glossary, IPG: an Interactive
programme guide.

I also suggest that some differentiation between and EPG and IPG is
established.  In my mind and EPG is essentially passive and an IPG is
definitely active.

On the Program(me) side I also need to point out that in UK English (and
most of the Commonwealth) we have slightly different usage of
Programme/program, though both are typically regarded as synonyms in modern
dictionaries.  A "programme" is a TV broadcast programme or schedule of
events and 'program' is a computer software program.

Could we exploit this to aid differentiation?  I don't know, I haven't even
fully convinced my self about this but thought I'd throw it in the ring any

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	Sorry for the delay on continuing this discussion.  I went on 
	vacation for awhile, then got busy on all the work I didn't do while

	on vacation.  This has popped back to the top of the task list.

	I tried to merge everyone's comments.  However, I am certain that 
	"Program" will still be controversial.  It is defined to be what a 
	studio authors (as opposed to an MPEG "Program").  I'm open to 
	suggestions for what to call this, but haven't been able to come up 
	with anything that a studio might recognize as synonymous with their

	long-standing use (waaayyyy before MPEG) of the term.

	Sure open to suggestions, and comments on the document overall.


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