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Date: Fri, Oct 08 1999

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Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 09:39:51 -0700
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There is another URI mechanism contemplated for pointing at shows and 
other resources and events in the receiver.

There is a fatal problem with either of the syntaxes that you propose 
below in that the show is then implicitly bound to a particular 
service.  This is often not the case in practice, and the show may 
air on any of several services.

I'll let Dan answer his intent for tv:, but such use is problematic.


At 11:59 AM 10/8/99 -0400, Scott J. Anderson wrote:
>Quick question...
>A particular show's URL for a network is usually 
For example,
>The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer's URL on PBS  is
>Would the URI handle show-specific addresses or only domain names? 
If I follow
>you correctly, we would have to switch to That, of 
course, is
>not the end of the world. Just curious.
>Dan Zigmond wrote:
>> Discussions seem to have stalled again, so I thought maybe I would 
make an
>> attempt to summarize where I think we might be now in terms of a 
proposal to
>> take back to the IESG/IETF.
>> Several people expressed discomfort with the use of broadcast call 
signs of
>> the form KQED.  Although these are world unique and standardized 
by the ITU
>> (I think), they appear to be very uncommon outside the United 
States.  So I
>> would like to propose that we further limit the "tv:" URI to two 
>>         tv:                     meaning "current channel"
>>         tv:<network>    where <network> is a DNS name
>> So some valid "tv:" URIs would be:
>>         tv:                     [of course]
>>              American Broadcasting Company
>>   Australian Broadcast Corporation
>>             KRON in San Francisco
>> Channel 4 in the UK
>> HBO West
>>        BBC1
>> As I think we've discussed, the rule is that if you own the 
domain, you can
>> register names using that domain.  So HBO can register 
"" as
>> their official name for their West Coast feed, and BBC can 
>> "" or "" or whatever they want for BBC1.
>> I think this is a reasonably final proposal.  It basically 
collapses all the
>> other forms into the DNS namespace, and moves any dispute over 
names to
>> disputes over DNS.  (Of course, DNS disputes aren't easy to 
resolve, but at
>> least if we ever get a good mechanism there it will automatically 
be applied
>> to "tv:" URIs too.)
>> I'm ready to do another revision to the Internet-Draft based on 
>> approach, but I thought I'd make another check for comments first. 
>> we can try to have a new draft next week and get it to the IESG.
>>         Dan
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