Re: TV Namespaces

From: Kimmo Loytana (
Date: Wed, Sep 01 1999

Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 10:22:33 +0300
From: Kimmo Loytana <>
To: "EXT Michael A. Dolan" <>
CC: WWW TV List <>
Subject: Re: TV Namespaces

> Namespace            Authority           US      Intern'l
> - ----------------------------------------------------------
> Callsigns            ITU                 Yes     Yes
> Networks             ?                   Yes     No
> Channel Names        Transport Company   No      No
> Feeds                ?                   No      No
> Channel #            ITU                 Yes     Yes

I have to point out one important issue that we need to consider
when discussing namespaces for URIs:

When a devices gets a URI, it needs to somehow be able to 
resolve this URI into information it needs to actually get the
content that the URI is pointing to.

So, if a device gets, for example, a URI with a callsign
"tv:kqed", it needs to somehow find the kqed service in order
to be able to present it. For example, for these callsigns
I don't think there is any way at the moment for a receiver
to associate this with a service.

In conclusion, while there may be quite many different even globally
unique namespaces, these may have very different properties when it 
comes to resolving them. So, not only do we need to find a namespace, 
we also need to come up with at least a proposal on how that possibly
could be resolved a device.

Best Regards,
Kimmo Loytana