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Date: Tue, Aug 31 1999

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 07:25:01 -0700
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At 09:08 AM 8/31/99 +0200, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
>An alternative is to publish Craig Finseth's "btv:" and publish the 
>scheme as is, but with a label saying "this has been superseded by 
btv:, DO 

As currently published, these URI's do not do the same thing and are 
not very related.  While a desirable administrative solution, it is 
not currently technically viable.

But, if the tv: I-D authors are willing to move on the namespace (as 
appears to be the case from a recent post), then we should start 
there and see where that takes us.  But saying that btv:// can 
replace tv: at this point is unfounded technically.  In a nutshell, 
tv: identifies channels.  btv: is a generally opaque naming system 
that requires tagging (at least without some more detailed usage 
convention).  With the recent proposal from Dan, these namespaces 
become closer, so lets focus there first.

>>         tv:kqed                 (ITU standard international 
>I'd like to lose this too; it's an americanism, and confuses the 
issues, I 
>think. Is there a station with callsign FIRM?

Huh?  ITU is an international organization.  The above callsign is 
globally unique and has nothing to do with the US (except that the 
"k" prefix belongs to the US).  Of all the technical issues with tv:, 
this is not one.

I can see that this is going to be a long discussion, covering lots 
of old ground.  I'll try to post some tutorial information, so we can 
help avoid at least some misunderstandings.


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