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Date: Tue, Aug 31 1999

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Here's a crack at some definitions.  I suspect there will be a few 
minor variations on this, as these may be a little ATSC-centric.  But 
having these in place will help us all speak the same language at 
least.  If you have comments on these definitions, or have other 
terms to add, lets do it here first, then we can publish the results 
to the W3C site in a little more beautiful form.

Program - a collection of related video, audio and/or data in a 
single "file".  This is also generically called "content".

Program Stream - as defined in ISO 13818-1 for MPEG - a streaming 
version of a Program.

Transport (Stream) - as defined by ISO 13818-1 for MPEG - a 
multiplexed collection of concatenated Program Streams without 
beginning or end.

Content Author - usually a studio (Disney, ABC Studios) that creates 
video, audio, and "data" or some aggregation of these.

Channel - a Program Stream.  This is also known in DVB as a 

Network - company that authors and aggregates content and distributes 
it (ABC).

Transport Company - a company that aggregates and emits (usually in 
cable or satellite) a collection of channels (DIRECTV).  This is also 
sometimes referred to as a "network", but usually confuses folks when 
it is.

Broadcaster - company that emits radio waves (KABC).

Affiliate - broadcaster (KABC) that gets most of its content from a 
network, and thus has an affiliation to that network (ABC).

Feed - the serialized stream of content from a network.

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