RE: Next steps on draft-zigmond-tv-url-02

From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand (
Date: Tue, Aug 31 1999

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 12:32:04 +0200
From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand <>
Subject: RE: Next steps on draft-zigmond-tv-url-02

At 10:56 31.08.99 +0100, wrote:

> >
> >         tv:             (current channel)
>The concept of "currency" may need some explanation - "the channel carrying
>the signal in which the URL is embedded" is what we're looking for, I think.
>This URI is so that the user can continue to watch whatever program they
>were watching.
>We use it as a small window in a toobar area, for example.

Urk. That's a slippery concept.

>If the box has only one decoder in the digital case or tuner in the analog
>case then it's whatever it was set to. For multiple decoders it is not so
>obvious: either the last channel selected by or for the user, or the channel
>the primary tuner is set to.
> >         tv:kqed                 (ITU standard international callsign)
>I'd like to lose this too; it's an americanism, and confuses the issues, I
>think. Is there a station with callsign FIRM?
>Short names that the channel by which the channel is usually known are
>useful and easy to understand. Most countries have at least an informal
>scheme for TV channel names.
>These names are typically bound locally, for example for EPG entries.
>Maybe we should prefix the short name with a country code (e.g tv: uk/BBC1)

useful in the user interface. At the URI level, "easy to understand" often 
means "very hard to manage". See the CNRP proposed WG for some descriptions 
of the problems associated with "usually known" - or previous parts of this 

URIs are most useful if they are unique; other parts of the user interface
(for instance the content of the <a> tag in an HTML document) are intended 
for human display.

If you absolutely MUST have the human-readable name in the URI, my 
favourite is still human-readable-name@name-assignment-authority.

> >      (DNS domain name: American Broadcasting Company)
> >   (DNS domain name: Australian Broadcast
> >
>Problem with this is where one organisation (e.g. BBC at
>originates several channels (BBC1 BBC2, BBCChoice, BBCKnowledge,BBCNews24,
>BBCParliament etc). solves this.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway