Next steps on draft-zigmond-tv-url-02

From: allen mornington_west (
Date: Mon, Aug 30 1999

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:12:28 -0400
From: allen mornington_west <>
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Subject: Next steps on draft-zigmond-tv-url-02


At a quick read it does not sound clever enough though it  may be that I do
misunderstand your proposal.  For, as I read it, the problem may be that
there is a need to separate the delivery system - and its associated
physics and terminal apparatus - from the service or services which may be
borne in that system.

Thus you should probably wish to identify the service /independently/ of
the original or current network radiation or propagation properties. Not
least because you may not be in a position to determine
how this service happens to come to you.

You may need to consider, too, how a service location scheme for a service
may identify a specific suite of components or a specify the delivery
system for a specific service - because in the future there may likely be a

There are some existing indications of routes which could be followed or
adapted to and I will not have been the first to point out the "path"
concept in DVB and there may be something similar probably in ATSC. Most
likely  these are ideas which should be woven into the schema rather than
require either complex mapping or, worse, the introduction of a second
naming convention to be used in parallel.

I presume the requirements are expressed in some place in a formal
requirements capture document and it may be that if the suggestions above
have not been captured then the requirements warrant revisiting before
possible solutions can be appraised.

Allen Mornington-West