Re: Discussion of tv-related URI schemes

From: Craig A. Finseth (
Date: Wed, Aug 25 1999

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:46:17 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: "Craig A. Finseth" <>
Subject: Re: Discussion of tv-related URI schemes

   We have received a request by representatives of the IETF/IESG/IAB 
   that this list should be used to discuss the merits of a recent 
   Internet draft proposing a tv-related URI scheme.
   "tv" URL-scheme 

      A new URL scheme is needed to address content that is broadcast 
      in a TV channel. 

I believe that this document is more correctly characterized as
documenting existing practice rather than proposing a new scheme.
Someone can correct me on this, but I believe that it's been in
products for 3 years.  Hardly "new."

      Deliverable: Document on "tv" URL-scheme 

      This requires to study and, potentially, harmonize existing 
      proposals for tv-related URLs, such as the following: 
	  Dan Zigmond. "Uniform Resource Locators for Television
	  tv-url in ATVEF specification 

I believe that these first two are already harmonized in the proposal.

	  uhttp-url in ATVEF specification 

It is not clear what "harmonizing" means when one is documenting
existing practice: who exactly is going to visit all of the boxes to
update them to a "harmonized" version?

      The review must take the results URL registration Working Group 
      in the IETF of the into account. The idea is to review the
   existing    approaches within the W3C TV IG, after which they will be
      to the IETF, in order to    become standards-tracks RFCs, similar 
      to other URL schemes (mailto:, ...). 

I believe that the "tv:" document is in the Informational track, not
Standards track.

	1.For the W3C TV IG to take on this issue, the organisations or 
	  authors currently of tv-related URL specifications must make 
	  at least a request that they should be reviewed by the W3C, 
	  and preferably submit them as documents. 
	2.Minimal Membership Commitment: Two authors for the document 
	  must sign up. 

Note that the "btv:" URL scheme (which has been by this list amid much
discussion) has been submitted as a _Standards_ track RFC.  It is very
appropriate to focus the "design" work on that scheme.  (I have been
told by the IETF that they will send that proposal over to this group
as well.)