Re: Fwd:HTTP server driven content negotiation

From: Hidetaka Ohto (
Date: Wed, Mar 24 1999

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From: "Hidetaka Ohto" <>
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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:25:15 -0500
Subject: Re: Fwd:HTTP server driven content negotiation

Dear Michael:

I am Hidetaka Ohto.
Now I am involved in the CC/PP work in the
Mobile Interest Group in W3C.

I am making a specification called CC/PP exchange
protocol based on HTTP extension framework. (W3C Note) (latest draft)

The protocol is designed for enhanced content
negotiation, while considering how to minimize
transmissions of capability descriptions.
( CC/PP description itself is independent from
the transport, as Philipp said. )

Now I am very interested in the content negotiation
for the TV, and  I would like to know basic requirements
for the content negotiation from the point of view of TV.

First of all, I would like to make sure your model.
IMHO, I guess the basic model is as follows:
1. There is no way to send client profile information from a user agent
     to servers so that the system is unidirectional.
2. Servers broadcast contents with profile information which describe the
     required capabilities of receivers(user agents).
3. The user agent looks up the profile information and decides whether
    the content should be used(cached, rendered etc) or not.

I beleive you mentioned that CC/PP(or IETF conneg syntax) is over spec for
fulfilling the demands of TV content negotiation. So I would like to know
your requirements of the profile information from the point of view of TV.

Best Regards,
-- Taka

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