Re: Fwd:HTTP server driven content negotiation

From: Johan Hjelm (
Date: Mon, Mar 08 1999

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Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 17:43:48 +0100
To: "Michael A. Dolan" <>
From: Johan Hjelm <>
Subject: Re: Fwd:HTTP server driven content negotiation

At 07:54 1999-03-08 -0800, Michael A. Dolan wrote:
>>pagers now). The WAP Forum Push group has been working on this (using
>>CC/PP), but there are some other problems with push media that also need to
>>be adressed (e.g. caching) that it is not clear how to solve.
>Can I get a pointer to this work?
No, sorry, it will not be public until the specification is ready (which is
normal WAP Forum procedure). We are working towards more open relations
with the WAP Forum, but we have not got that far yet. 


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