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		Excellent question.  I am pushing ATVEF that this be
addressed as part of
		an overall standardization effort of all the items in the

		Any help W3C would like to offer on this topic (pointer to
the old DOM0
		document that was previously there at W3C, or other legacy
DOM0 work) to
		help us define it would be greatly appreciated.

Philipp is correct that no DOM0 document exists or ever existed. In fact, it
would be impossible to write today in a consistent manner with the
quasi-operational definition frequently bandied about. In particular, IE3
and Navigator 3 implement distinct, and mutually incompatible DOMs. I
learned this the hard way by implementing a DOM for the Spyglass browser
with the express goal of obtaining "DOM0" compliance. I found it to be
impossible since neither IE3 nor Navigator 3's DOMs are fully defined
anywhere, and upon analysis of detailed behavor, they clearly are not
compatible in a significant number of ways. In my implementation work, I had
to make dozens of decisions about whether to be compatible with IE3 or Nav3,
and in some cases decided to be compatible with neither since both seemed to
be incorrect.

As long as the ATVEF spec is defined by referencing "DOM0", ATVEF will
remain a "pseudo-specification".


		At 06:22 PM 2/21/99 +0100, Philipp Hoschka wrote:
		>the new ATVEF 1.1 spec (dated 2 Feb) is at
		>one question: the ATVEF spec says:
		>Mandatory support is required for the following standard
		>- DOM 0
		>The W3C DOM rec states
		>"The term "DOM Level 0" refers to a mix (not formally
		>of HTML document functionalities offered by Netscape
		>Navigator version 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer
version 3.0. 
		>In some cases, attributes or methods have been
		>included for reasons of backward compatibility with "DOM
Level 0"."
		>Given that DOM level 0 is not formally specified, how can
		>test whether it is supported in ATVEF ?
		>On 15/02/1999, Ted Wugofski <>  wrote:
		>>You might want to look at the latest ATVEF specification
(1.1), which
		>>provides a new and improved URI system.  Off the top of my
head, the URL
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