Fwd: AICI: AIC Specification 1.0

From: Michael A. Dolan (miked@tbt.com)
Date: Tue, Dec 22 1998

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From: "Michael A. Dolan" <miked@tbt.com>
Subject: Fwd: AICI: AIC Specification 1.0

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>>Subject: AICI: AIC Specification 1.0
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>>Dear all,
>>You will find hereafter AIC Specification 1.0. as it has been produced
>>and approved during the 4th AIC meeting in Roma.
>>>From the "Status" section of AIC Specification 1.0 :
>>"The charter of the AIC Initiative is the development of interactive
>>content specifications for user devices to offer a range of basic
>>through advanced interactive applications using 3D as well as 2D
>>content, in stored and streamed form. The purpose of AIC Specification
>>1.0 is to provide a first instantiation of such content with the
>>technology available at the 21st of December.
>>The AIC Initiative reserves the right to modify the content of this
>>document according to its procedures for technical work and without
>>notice. The AIC Initiative makes no claim as to operational integrity of
>>any implementation derived from this document.
>>This document is provided “as is” with no warranties whatsoever.
>>AIC Specification 1.0 is a public document open for comments. Comments
>>on AIC Specification 1.0 should be sent to the AIC Initiative mailing
>>list aici@toocan.philabs.research.philips.com, where they will be taken
>>into consideration.
>>The AIC Initiative plans to validate AIC Specification in an
>>implementation and to demonstrate prototypes for the 31st of March. The
>>AIC Initiative will release successive AIC Specification 1.x taking into
>>account comments from implementers on a consensus basis. AIC
>>Specification 1.x will be integrated in AIC Specification 2.0 by the
>>27th of July."
>>Kind regards,

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