FW: DASE: ANNOUNCE: Advanced Interactive Content Initiative

From: Ted Wugofski (Ted.Wugofski@OTMP.com)
Date: Thu, Sep 10 1998

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From: Ted Wugofski <Ted.Wugofski@OTMP.com>
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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 17:16:02 -0500
Subject: FW: DASE: ANNOUNCE:  Advanced Interactive Content Initiative 


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>Subject:	DASE: ANNOUNCE:  Advanced Interactive Content Initiative 
>Please note the formation of the 'Advanced Interactive Content Initiative',
>or 'AIC Initiative'.
>Experts from several different communities feel the time and technology are
>ripe for TV (set top) platforms to offer a range of basic through advanced
>interactive applications using 3D as well as 2D content, in stored and
>streamed fashion.
>Key technologies to be used are Broadcast HTML (BHTML), VRML and MPEG-4.
>The goal of the initiative is to develop syntax and techniques for
>integration of BHTML and VRML/BIFS content, and for the use of MPEG-4 for
>streaming of object-based and BHTML content. Content may be delivered using
>MPEG-2 or IP transport protocols.  The objective is to produce a common
>specification which undergoes technical review and formal approval by
>multiple organizations.
>A charter, requirements document, FAQ, and details are available at:
>Specifications should be frozen by 20 December 1998. A validation of the
>specifications in a working software implementation should be completed by
>20 March 1999.
>A mailing list has been established.  To join, email to:
>In the message body:
>subscribe aici
>We look for to your participation in what we hope will be an exciting and
>important endeavor.
>DASE Web site: http://toocan.philabs.research.philips.com/misc/atsc/dase