Update on follow-up activities after workshop

From: Philipp Hoschka (hoschka@w3.org)
Date: Wed, Jul 22 1998

Message-Id: <199807221813.UAA02533@www45.inria.fr>
To: www-tv@w3.org
From: Philipp Hoschka <hoschka@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 20:13:45 +0200
Subject: Update on follow-up activities after workshop

Today, we discussed the follow-up actions after the TV workshop.

Here's what we came up with :

The most important topic in the short term is what was termed
"TV html" at the workshop - i.e. TV-specific subsets of existing 
W3C specifications HTML, CSS and SMIL

It seems like both ATSC and DVB have recently started working 
on proposals in this area, and are interested in cooperating 
with W3C in this area.

To prepare for this, we decided to make an effort to integrate
TV experts into the future HTML WG, and the already existing
CSS WG. (For SMIL, there will be an Interest Group, and I guess 
we already have TV experts there.)

In addition, this will be one of the topics of a proposed
W3C interest group on "Television and the Web" (TV-Web).

Note that the charter of the Interest Group(IG) has to be
a) written
b) approved by W3C membership

So anything I say on the IG is preliminary - I hope to have 
a briefing package ready in a week (if you don't know what 
this means, check out the W3C process

In addition, the interest group will discuss things that came up
as "hot topics" during the workshop, such as

- TV URL: the idea is to think this through in the Interest Group,
and then bring it to the IETF - we're using a similar approach
with HTTP-NG
(for those of you unfamiliar with the relation between W3C and
IETF: HTTP and URLs are typically "done" at the IETF, but with
significant participation from W3C staff (editing the spec, 
implementing it etc. - so there's no "competition" here, as
some people think)
- Authoring guidelines
- CSS default stylesheet for TV

The IG should also act as the forum of coordination of web-related
efforts between W3C and TV standardisation bodies (ATSC, DVB, DAVIC, 
webcasters group at EBU, CableLabs, MPEG-X, ...)

The mailing list www-tv@w3.org will serve as a mailing list for
this IG. The mailing list will be open to non-W3C members (via

Last but not least, we will use the already created mpeg4 mailing 
list to figure out what role mpeg4 can play on the Web. 
I'll be the W3C contact person for this. 

However, to make it clear that this isn't in any way an official 
collaboration between W3C and MPEG-4 (which would confuse people), 
I was asked to be "moderator" rather than "chair" of the mailing list.
So, Olivier and me are the co-moderators of the mpeg4 list.

Let's get to work :-)