Re: MPEG4 player and MPEG4 drafts publically available ?

From: Olivier AVARO - France Telecom - CNET (
Date: Fri, Jul 17 1998

Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 03:07:32 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Olivier AVARO - France Telecom - CNET <>
To: Yoshihisa Gonno <>
Cc: Philipp Hoschka <>,,
Subject: Re: MPEG4 player and MPEG4 drafts publically available ?

Hi all,

 > > at the workshop, I think you gave two URLs where to find
 > > - a public domain implementation of an MPEG4 player
 > I believe Olivier wrote


 > but the implementation web site doesn't seem to be accessible without
 > user account.
Here is the problem we have : content industry are very sensitive to
real time coder and decoder spread in the nature. They want to avoid
with MPEG-4, the current mp3 syndroma (the content is spread over the
planet in very good and dense format). There seems to be no way out of
this. We can not give to the content industry the two contradictory
signal : we protect your content / we give the tools in the open to
steal your content. That's why the soft is not available in public
domain. Still :

1- Within the context of the W3C MPEG-4 collaboration, I will check if
the user account can be made open to the W3C community.

2- Any of you can become freely a MPEG member by subscribing to your
National Body and have accessto the user account.

3- See below.

 > > - drafts of the MPEG4 specifications
 > Olivier wrote
 > but this does not exist. I think right URL must be
 > there are some zipped files corresponding to MPEG-4 parts 1,2,3,5,6.
Yes. And indeed, part 5 is the software implementation of the standard
in source code. You can check this. It will be probably less fun than
the integrated Im1 application ...

More when more available ...

See you,