Re: Workshop feedback sought

From: Klaus Hofrichter (
Date: Tue, Jul 07 1998

Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 14:10:55 +0200
From: Klaus Hofrichter <>
Subject: Re: Workshop feedback sought

Dear Colleagues,

after Philipp Hoschkas request to comment on possible future activities
of the W3C, here is my view:

> 1. New URL-scheme for TV channels [high] 
>     (new URL for content in TV services) 
>      broadcast-specific data on the Web (SI/PSI-like metadata:
>       schedule, etc.)

A common framework to make use of Television related functionality such
as tuning of TV-channels and access to broadcast specific data is highly
apprechiated. Question is if W3C is the right body to do that, or if it
should not come via IETFs RFC procedure. 
As long as I do not think that the URL/URI scheme itself would be too
complex, the main issue will be the agreement on the functionality.
Input from broadcasters and manufacturers is required here.

> 2. Broadcast HTML (tv-related profile of CSS, HTML, etc.) [high] 

In my opinion this is a possible and important area for a W3C workgroup.
However, in order to have a useful TV-HTML in a broadcast environment I
would expect quite many restrictions to the current HTML (4+CCS2+SMIL),
and (hopefully) no extensions. That would allow viewing the TV-HTML
content without any change with standard browsers in the Internet
environment. Such a one-way compatibility would be the major advantage
against other formats used in the TV environment, which already address
most of the requirements. 
As before, the work will have to rely on input from the manufacturers of
Set top boxes and TV-Content providers.  

> 3. Authoring guidelines [high] 

Authoring Guidelines are also apprechiated, but in my opinion a possible
TV-HTML should have sufficient mechanisms (and restrictions) available
to "guide" the author automatically. I do not think that W3C should
start to recommend "don't use saturated color" or something like that.
W3C is not there to educate the people... There are some book available
about "design", and most of the TV stations already have a good design

> 4. Default style sheet for TV [high] 

no comment on that.

> - Did the workshop fullfill your expectations ?
Yes, it did. The discussion was open-minded and a lot of folks from
different sectors have been there. The important issue is that not only
people from the Internet community participate. The dinner was also very
nice ;-)

> - What did you get out of it ? 
Some new contacts, and news. In particular, the ATSC position was
interesting to hear about.

> - What should be done differently next time ?
Perhaps lesser or shorter presentations to give more room to the
discussions. May be a assigned "white spot" during the second day or
late during the first day would enable to have some extra-space for a
topic which comes up during the discussions. Also, demonstrations may
deserve some more time (if available).

- Klaus Hofrichter