Re: shopping baskets w/o dynamic documents (proposal)

Daniel.Glazman@der.edfgdf.fr (Daniel Glazman) wrote:
  > Ok, so let's go. Please apologize 1) the cheek 2) the poor quality
  > of my english 3) the general state of the document, it's only the
  > first (and maybe the last) sketch of the first draft of an idea ;-)))
  > The proposal is about a **very** cheap way of implementing shopping baskets
  > __without__ cgi-bins bulding dynamic documents. I guess everyone can
  > immediately see the impact on the server's load. The proposal does not
  > deal with "identification" but only "ID attribution".
  > A W3C draft has been issued quite on the same subject in february (see
  > document's references) but does not seem to generate a lot of discussions.
  > The contents of my proposal is a bit different because it leaves to HTML
  > the full control of ID attribution and is based on a new HTTP method.
  > If implemented, we'll (EDF) surely be the first to use it !!! We're a bit tired
  > of dynamic shopping basket management.
  [ proposal deleted]

This proposal sounds very similar to my State-Info proposal, which became
a now-defunct Internet Draft, but which is still available through
http://www.research.att.com/~dmk/session.html .

One difference between this proposal and mine is that, in State-Info,
the server could begin a session at any time by sending a State-Info
header and did not need to be prompted by a RQID request, nor did it
require identity information.  (Privacy concerns are growing....)

The State-Info stuff finally got subsumed by the revised, now-standards-
track cookie (aka State Management) proposal,
because cookies can do what State-Info can do, and more.  Plus, the
client side of the proposed cookie mechanism is, to a large extent,
widely deployed.

Dave Kristol