Since I noticed the HTML5 and CSS specification are copyrighted, I would like to get permission to do the following:

- summarize the HTML5 specification into basically 
    - a list of tags, 
    - whether they are open/close or singletons, and
    - the list of attributes, including the possible values of the attributes
I wanted to post this on my web site for personal use for for everybody else's benefit.  I don't know if I would ever publish a book on it, I don't think I would be the type to do that.  but I like writing web pages and making text files that I can distribute (for the purpose of improving programmer's text editors like notepad++, or anything that might use this, etc.).

I don't know if I would be allowed to copyright the web page or not, and what the requirements would be for me to publish such a web page.

Jim Michaels (my personal site, has software) (group which I lead)
Computer memory/disk size measurements:
[KB KiB] [MB MiB] [GB GiB] [TB TiB]
Note: disk size is measured in MB, GB, or TB, not in MiB, GiB, or TiB.  computer memory (RAM) is measured in MiB and GiB.