i'm developing a small application in Java that needs to connect to a web server and ask for different chunks of the same file ( for example: i need the header of an mp3 and a small chunk of the middle part ).
I tried to code my little HTTP 1.1 client and all was working well with a "standard" GET request.
I'm getting problems when i insert Range: bytes = offset1-offset2 in the request.
The webserver ( i tried it on Apache and Microsoft's IES) replies with a correct header, then waits SEVERAL seconds before sending me the chunk that i requested.
My application is aimed to be time - critical, so i can't wait 10 seconds before getting the file part i need.
The thing is really strange: if i ask the whole file it takes less to transfer than the first 10 bytes!
Anyone has an idea please?
Francesco D'Este.