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Re: Re: Urgent : HOW to Extract rdf data from xml file

From: amit_opus <amit_opus@indiatimes.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 14:41:50 +0530
Message-Id: <200301240903.OAA03328@WS0005.indiatimes.com>
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"S. Mike Dierken" wrote:

Hi ,

     Thanks for replying . I know that XSLT is used to transform XML to RDF .

I have visited the site 


It provides the rdfExtractify.xsl to convert xml to rdf , but the output as show on the site is not easily understood. I have tried the same file , but still it provides a very long RDF file as output.

I am providing a sample input and output of what i want.



&lt;webmaster&gt; linda &lt;/webmaster&gt;






&lt;rdf:Description about" "&gt;





But there must be a single generic file (XSLT ) which must generate an RDF file for any XML file.



&gt; ----- Original Message -----
&gt; From: amit_opus
&gt; Hi Friends ,
&gt; Can anyone tell me how to create an rdf file from xml file.
&gt; My input file should be xml and it should provide me its RDF as output.
&gt; I have tried the .XSL to parse the XML file But it did not work out.

I'm not an RDF knowledgeable person, but I'll try to help as much as I can.

RDF is meant to represent information (typically metadata about Web
resources) and has a certain syntax/appearance when saved as XML.
XML can be used to either highlight ('markup') sections of information
within text, or represent information in a structured format.

There is no general way to take some unknown XML and output it as RDF. You
need to understand the meaning and structure of the XML - the information it
is trying to represent - and then express that same information back into
the RDF way of describing information.

If you want to convert some XML (that you have a good understanding of) into
RDF with XML syntax you can use XSLT to do that conversion. The XSLT file
(which you write for each type of XML input and each type of output) would
have all the rules for extracting the information you want from the input
XML and specifies what the output will look like.

Here are some links that might be of use (I apologize if this is information
you already know):
What is RDF? by Tim Bray (who knows his stuff)

RDF Tutorial by Pierre-Antoine Champin

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