You want your exe working like a cgi, right ?
So, you have to make sure that you've add the right permissions (execute)  to the web folder where you've put the cgi.

Paulo Patricio

At 19:20 01-12-2002 -0500, you wrote:
Thank you for your attention.
I know that I can execute an application from an Intranet HTML page with the following instruction:
<A HREF="../Applications/inf_mdi4.exe">Click to run the application</A>
I want to run an application from a menu on an Intranet page, directly from the server where the Intranet pages are.
I don't want to download the application, just to execute it.
The problem is that a dialog that asks if I want to save or open after downloading allways appear and I don't know how to avoid this dialog.
Can you help me please? how can I just execute an application when I click on a menu option on an Intranet page?
The Intranet page works with I.E. 5.0
Thank you in advance for your help.
Kind regards,
Carlos Borrero